ICSEM Global Networks,
research areas and membership

Members can join ICSEM Networks as part of their memberships. These networks provide an international forum for the exchange of information and dialogue on critical issues though active discussion online among researchers and practitioners.
ICSEM members join ICSEM Networks to strengthen and facilitate the sharing of thoughts, experiences, challenges and the building of professional communities between researchers and practitioners, to build a dialogue with policy makers.
ICSEM Networks can be platforms to organize and share information in order to build new big projects and to present results to international conferences.
Current Networks include:
– MLE with babies and toddlers (BATOM project) (University of Stavanger (Norway), Mediation ARRCA (Italy), ICSEM (Italy)
– MLE in kindergarten (3-6) (KinME project) (University of Stavanger, Asilo Piccole Orme, Italy)
– MLE in primary school
– MLE with adolescent
– MLE with adults
– MLE with the elderly (TEME project)
Each network declines its research and its work on different diagnoses.

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